Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Congrats CJ and Stephanie!!!

Wedding planning is starting to shape up! We got the bridesmaid dresses in... the groomsmen shirts in... Thank goodness! Thank you momma Debbie! We have the invitations and are working on getting those out! Thank you momma Sam! Anyone out there that didn't get me their address...please do! We are working on getting pictures together for a slide show! Thank you Pappa Bert! If anyone has any baby pictures of me...PLEASE SEND THEM MY WAY! haha I have one! We are working on our keep sakes...and bridesmaid and groomsman gifts.... We still have to decide on flower girl dresses and honorary flower girl dresses... AND A PLACE FOR OUR HONEYMOON! We have flowers ordered... we just got a quote from Raphaels Party Rental... SOOOOO MANY THINGS! haha Please let me know if I am forgetting something! lol

Frank is living the dream! Working 40+ hours a week and playing baseball in between! I am so proud of him! He is having a blast! I love him so much!

I am living the dream as well! haha Working 40 hours a week, planning our wedding and watching him play baseball!

PLUS! we both have been getting to spend time with our family members and friends whom we love so very much!!!


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