Thursday, May 27, 2010

How we met!

Story Time: How We Met

We met in the summer of 2008. I was a camp counselor at OIT (the college we both attend/attended). He was on campus with his friend registering for fall classes. He and his friend were wondering around aimlessly looking bored and I was playing ping pong with the group of camp kids I was in charge of. When they walked in the CU at OIT I couldn't take my eyes off him. He and his friend came over and talked to us for a while. Some of the girls in my camp group mentioned that we were going to the movies and offered an invite... They accepted... His friend was showing interest in me and the whole time I was wishing he would. After the movie was over it was the last I saw of him for the rest of the summer.

I was down in San Diego visiting my brother, sister in-law, niece and nephew when I got a Internet message from Frank. He said hi and gave me his number. I was really excited inside, but thought it was really funny that he would give me his number instead of ask for mine... I guess he was throwing the ball in my court haha. We started talking via Internet... we had a lot in common and I eventually gave him my number and we started texting as well... I was very excited for school to start up again (that's not normal) where we would finally get to see each other again. Finally, Sept. 29, 2008 came and we saw each other again, we gave each other a big bear hug! His hugs are so amazing! We became instant best friends and hung out a lot. However, I knew we didn't share the same religious beliefs and I was a senior and he was a freshman... and so on and so on... and this and that was going on... so we just stayed friends even though there were some obvious feelings involved... after we made the decision to just be friends the was a two week period when we didn't hangout as much... maybe it was because we were both kind of disappointed that it didn't go any further... i dunno...

A few months into Christmas Break we started talking more and more and realized our feelings were not going away... but only getting stronger... When we came back from Christmas break we started hanging out a lot, with our feelings revealed. Well mostly Franks, I was still hesitant because of a few things. By Spring Term I couldn't deny it... I was in love with him! I couldn't hold back any longer... During spring term (April 9th, 2009) he asked if I would be his girlfriend. Shortly after he asked he start coming to church with me. I could totally tell that it was just to be with me... It was a nice thought on his part. He was definitely trying. Then he started to notice that it would take more of a commitment then just coming to church, to be with me forever. So he started asking questions about the religion. I was always very straight forward with him about the church and my beliefs. Mostly that I wanted to be married in the temple!

At first he did not like the idea of becoming a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. But after taking the discussions (lessons) his mind had changed and he was later baptized, and I made sure it was what he wanted to do... This step in his life changed both of our lives for the better! Christ is the center of our relationship and our lives. After I realized that we had the same goals in life there was no more hesitation.

Earlier on in our relationship we found out that our relatives know each other and are from the same area in southern Idaho. It was so neat! It was also great news when we found out we weren't related! haha! It was so crazy to find out he was born 30-minutes away from my Grandma and Grandpa's house (a place where I spent every summer growing up). Who would have ever guessed I was so close to my future husband in my young childhood years, and that we would both attend the same college 800 miles away. I know we are going to be so Happy for all ETERNITY! I love him so much! Everything happens for a reason!

Wedding Update:
Still looking for Bridesmaid Dresses/skirts!!! haha Alli Phair showed me this really cute skirt yesterday that I think I might use as my bridesmaids skirts. I really like it! So much that I added PINK to our wedding colors! So now we have White, Grey, Yellow and Pink!!!!! I am really excited! And yes I did ask Frank if it was ok! So for bridesmaid attire I think this skirt a yellow button up top and big chunky pink neckless! oh and Pink White and Yellow Gerbera Flowers!

Frank and I are going down to SAN DIEGO to do some wedding planning!! It will be nice to finalize some things and BE IN SAN DIEGO!!! So pumped!

Work day... School day... Moving day... we hopefully will find someone to help us get some heavy things out of the house! ALSO we are in search for a place to live haha this is kind of important! The search goes on! Its way harder than I thought to find a nice place in Klamath for a reasonable price... Anyways... the battle must go on!! Oh and we get to have a birthday lunch for Bryan this afternoon! It should be fun!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Frank and Tabatha's First Blog!

Blogging seems like a great idea! So here we go!

My fiance Frank and I are getting married August 28, 2010! We are so excited and can not wait to be sealed for time and all eternity! Before I get into our busy lives I guess I should start by introducing ourselves! For the first few blogs I will tell a story about Frank and I and then give an update of whats going on now!


Frank Nathan Charlton was born on December 27, 1989 in Blackfoot, Idaho! Where he spent most of his child years! Him and his family moved around southern Idaho. Frank and I had the chance to go back to the houses he lived in when we were in Idaho visiting my relatives (neat story I will get to later). The picture is of Frank and the Welcome to Downey, Idaho sign (another town in Southern Idaho where the Charlton's lived). It was a lot of fun to learn about Franks past! The stories are great!

Frank and his family eventually made their journey west where they settled in Eagle Point, Oregon. Frank grew up playing sports and hanging out with his family (Dad - Frank, Mom - Debbie, Bro - Heston, Sis-in law - Jen, nephew - Glen, nephew - Nate, niece - LeEtta, niece - Alyssa, nephew - Taylor, nephew - Kobe, baby (coming soon), Bro - Zepp, Ashley, niece - Melony, nephew - Alex, niece - Jocee, Sis - Hailey, Jason, niece - Sian, Bro - David, & Twin Bro - Ben)..

Franks first love was baseball! The only reason I agreed to date him is because he told me he loved me more than baseball! That is when I knew it was true love! hehe! On a different note I love baseball not only because it is a great sport but because it brought Frank to me! Frank was recruited to play college baseball for OIT. The school I was attending his Freshman year of college! We actually met even before school started! I will tell you how we met! Add that to the list of stories I need to tell!

Frank and I often joke about which is a better place to live I say Klamath Falls and he says Eagle Point... when in reality they are both cold, dry and far away from San Diego, CA and the Beach! haha!

I (Tabatha Lyn Cooke... ALMOST Charlton) was born in Logan, Utah on January 12, 1987. Funny story... although I was born in a time when there were hospitals... I came so quickly I was born at my house! I wonder why no one ever called me speedy... haha! Anyways my family and I moved around alot! Utah to Washington to Oregon all in the first 4 years of my life! However, moving to Klamath Falls, OR is so bitter sweet to me! Let me tell you why... This is where I grew up. Klamath Falls is where I became the person I am.. Just like everyone I have gone through trials and this is where I have gone through them all! However, I wouldn't change the things that have happened in my life for anything! Everything happens for a reason and a lot of amazing things have happened to me in Klamath Falls! And I am grateful for all the trials that I have gone through cause they brought me happiness in the long run! I have a wonderful FAMILY (Mom - Sam, Dad - Bert, Bro - Bert III, Sis-in law - Sharon, Nephew - Caiden, Niece - Camryn, Sis - Trisha, Bro-in law - Julian, Niece - Ariana)!!! It also brought me to the LOVE OF MY ETERNITY... Frank!

The music group Rascal Flatts sings a song called God Bless the Broken Road... this has been one of my favorite songs for a long time! However, I did not know what it truly meant until now. God has blessed the broken road I have traveled and I am eternally grateful for it!

Everything Happens for a Reason!


Well it is the last week in May! Boy is time flying! We are close to our 3 month mark to our Wedding Day!!! I cant WAIT! Frank and I talk about how we want the day to already be here! Wedding planning has been fun! I have had tons of help from my family and friends! It has just been a wonderful experience! haha! There have been a couple times where I thought to myself... now I know why some brides go crazy! haha but for the most part it has been fun and exciting! I put Frank in charge of the honeymoon! So he can tell you about that! :0) Right now I am working on wedding party attire! This task is tough!

Frank and I go to work and school every weekday... like today... and in between and after we try to find time to clean and move, find a place to live, wedding plan have fun and spend time together! I work during the day and Frank works at night so it is not always easy to find time... but we DO! and I am so grateful for the time we do have together!

While we are looking for a place to live within our budget... my loving parents have offered that we live with them.... we did find a couple places but they were just too expensive... so thankfully we have loving parents!

Frank and I also try to find time to run over to Eagle Point and spend time with Family there! It is nice that they are only an hour drive!

Well I think that is enough for today! Have the best day!!! One last note! Frank and I had the opportunity to speak in church last Sunday. Frank read Mosiah chapter 29 and spoke of the time when there was debate of if kingdoms should be ran by Kings or if they should have Judges. And Frank spoke how it was understood that Kings can lead people into destruction if they are evil kings but Judges can help us follow the commandments of Heavenly Father and help people stay on track of what Heavenly Father wants for us! He also said that we shouldn't Judge people that is up to our Heavenly Father! Frank, however, put this in better words than I, but his talk was beautiful and inspiring and it led very well into my talk which was on not being critical of others! We need to be positive and if we do need to give criticism we need to make sure it is positive! We are on this earth to help each other return to Heaven to live in the presence of our Heavenly Father!

Frank and I love you all so much! Have a great day!!!

Happy 12 week BIRTHDAY Ariana!!
Happy Birthday Faletha!!!
Happy Birthday Adrienne!!!
Happy Birthday Kelsi!!!