Thursday, July 29, 2010


Good thing I like roller coasters cause the last few weeks have been nothing but a giant roller coaster! Not just any roller coaster... the really old ones that are jerkie and hurt a lot... also the ones that you are never quite sure if they are just going to fall of the track! haha anyways...

Ok so we are down one ring bearer... due to miscommunication im guessing... I am still confused but non the less we still have CAIDEN as our ring bear! Woo hoo! Go Caiden! Sian and Cami are our beautiful flower girls! There dresses came in and they are soooooooooooo cute! Sian tried hers on last night and it was truly perfect! Speaking of perfect... or should I say a little less than perfect... last week I called my wedding dress store to see if my dress came in... i was told it had not come in but she would track it down and find out where it is, because I am scheduled to pick it up and have a fitting in Utah this weekend (July 31, 2010) well... long story short she called me back a week later (yesterday) and told me that my dress was on a "SLOW" ship and wouldn't be here until August 14... 2 weeks before my wedding... needless to say i was SHOCKED... and shaking mad as she kept telling me there was nothing she could do... long story even shorter I told her I would be in Friday to find a dress... I kept thinking this has to be a TEST from Heavenly Father... sadly I scored about a B-.... So ya hopefully I can keep everything in perspective and just keep focused on what is really important in life... APPARENTLY wedding dresses aren't that important... As my bro would say... "its only money"... haha

Oh a brighter note! I have had some of my bridesmaids try on their dresses and they are sooooo cute! I absolutely love them! Last week I was down in SO CAL and got to order Frankies TuX! Super fun!

Today we are leaving for UTAH/IDAHO! We are going to Utah to hopefully figure out this whole wedding dress thing lol! As well as get TEMPLE CLOTHES for Frankie and I! YAYAYA! Then we are headed up to G-Ma and G-Pa Williams in Malad for the FAMILY REUNION! Holla! I am sooooo excited! Hopefully we can make it to Courtney's Baby Shower! That would be so fun! Speaking of baby showers.... I am sad we are missing Heston and Jen's baby shower for Logan! There are just so many things going on!!

The last couple days Frank and I have been driving back and forth from Medford for the last Home games for the Riverdawgs 2010 season! It was soooo fun!!! Frankie pitched an amazing game Tuesday night for the Dawgs (! And last night was the final home game! There were prizes all night! Sian won a free pizza and a hat! Go Sian! The Dawgs ended up Sweeping the Nevada Bighorns! In which Phil Sacks plays for! It was great to see him! Frank handed out our wedding invites to the team! We got a Picture of the team! You all know I am crazy about pictures! It was just a perfect night! PLUS the DAWGS are going to PLAYOFFS! YAYAYA! Next weekend down in Arcata, CA! It should be a good time! This has been the most fun baseball season ever! I am so grateful for the opportunity coach Wolf gave Frank to be on this team! WE have had so much fun! All the guys are wonderful! Great group! THANK YOU DAWGS! oh yes, and I have never cheered louder in my life! haha!

Well yesterday was Frank and my ONE MONTH MARK.... there are 30 days until we are SEALED for Eternity! We are both so excited! Yesterday I wrote my vows to Frank and I have to tell you I am the luckiest girl in the whole world! While writing my eternal promises to Frank the thought came to my mind how it is so important that we REMEMBER each and every day how important our FAMILIES are to us! They are the only things we have on this earth that are going back to Heaven with us! Don't let the world get in the way of our eternal happiness!

My family and I have been saying lately "don't let ________ keep you out of Heaven"... In other words we need to always have Christ Like Love! If some one is mean to us and we are mean back... than the sin is on us... So when something bad happens to me and I get mad... my mom will say..."don't let "so and so" keep you out of Heaven!

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  1. I am so excited for you and Frank. I wish so badly that we could be there for your very special day! Who doesn't want to be in San Diego in August anyway, right? I wish we could be there!

    I love your saying at the bottom and I am going to start using it! Don't let Blank Keep you out of heaven! LOVE IT!

    Love you!