Friday, June 25, 2010

Invitations DONEZO!

Story Time:

When Frank and I first started dating I was working for SkyWest Airlines in Klamath Falls. As a part of being employed for an Airline you get great flying benefits. So Frank and I decided that we wanted to take advantage of these flight benefits! We set it all up for him and I to fly to San Francisco and go to a Giants baseball game... sadly the Giants are Franks FAVORITE TEAM! but i say GO DODGERS... anyway haha... we fly to SF for Free... Frank got us some AMAZING seats down by the field on the 3rd base side! We go to the game and it was so amazing and so fun! I liked it because we just happened to sit by another Dodger fan! Thank goodness! haha So while we were down in SF we decided to also go to Great America! So we took a couple of different trains to get to San Jose, CA (its about 45 miles). It was perfect! We had an amazing time! We closed the Park! However, getting home was not so perfect... we left the park just in time to catch the train back to San Francisco! We ran to the train station and started looking for the last train of the night back to SF... we looked at the posted train schedules... trying to find the right one for us. The first train came by and we were sure if it was the right one... well I wasn't sure.. FRANK WAS!... so i questioned it... we had about 1 minute to board the train before it left... the schedule said there was one more train after that... and in a panic I said "what if this is the wrong train.." We ended up not getting on because of me... We got on the next train... and as much as I don't like to admit it... Frank was right... it was the wrong one and we should have gotten on the first one... so we were on this train forever.... going the wrong way!!! I feel asleep... and when the train stopped we got off and asked where we were... the Taxi cab drivers laughed and said South San Jose... I could not believe it... They asked where we were trying to get and we said SF. They laughed even more and said... can we give you a ride... cause you just got off the last train.. we were like crap.. so of course we said yes... A long cab ride and some dollar bills later we made it back to SF.. lol what a relief! Needless to say... our first trip together... we will never forget.

Wedding Update:
Well we have finally FINISHED our invitations! Thank goodness! What a relief! We sent the design in to SmithBates to get them printed. We will get them shortly and send them out! So if you are reading this and have not sent me your mailing address, please do!!!
Now we are working on GROOMSMEN ATTIRE and DECORATIONS for the Open House in Klamath and Reception in San Diego! Also, I am super excited for my BRIDAL SHOWER that my Sister and Mom are throwing for my JULY 3rd!

Frank started his job at CollegePro this week and he loves it! I am really happy he is Playing Baseball and doing something he loves for work! Very exciting! His baseball team (the Southern Oregon RiverDawgs) has home games in Medford this weekend at the Harry & David Field! Saturdays game is at 7 p.m. and Sunday is a double header starting at NOON! GO DAWGS!!! Frank is pitching the second game on Sunday!

Tonight we are going to Sushi and to the movies to see A-TEAM with our friends Mindy and Bryan! Should be super fun!

Well that's all I have...

QUOTE OF THE DAY: Don't rush through life always waiting for the next big thing... Live day to day, moment to moment!

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