Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Frank Pitched a 9-inning Shutout for the Riverdawgs!

Story Time:
April 9, 2009 was the day Frank asked me to be his girlfriend! We went to dinner and a movie! We were having such a great time. I have never felt so comfortable with anyone in my life. As we were driving back from the movies to Franks dorm room we were talking about relationships and other related topics and when we stopped in front of the dorms we finished our conversation and turned to me and said, "will you be my girlfriend?" "I looked at him with a huge smile on my face and said YES! but only if you love me more than baseball!" Haha and he told me he did! haha maybe he was just trying to make the sale but I took his word for it! Haha! That is the day I truly fell in love with FRANKATANK! I knew that he loved me more than anything because I know baseball was his first love! So if he could sit there and tell me he loves me more than the thing he loves most in this world than it must be right! :) Frank I love you with all my heart!

Wedding Update:
Ok... so things are starting to fall in place and it feels great! I would like to get the word out there that there are two hotels that are willing to give a group discount. Here is the email I sent out to those that have told me they were coming!
"Hi Everyone!!!
Ok so the best deal I found for lodging was the Ramada Inn San Marcos (760-471-2800). If you have not yet made lodging accommodations for the wedding we have a group rate of $64 + Tax at the Ramada Inn San Marcos. YOU MUST CALL (760-471-2800) BEFORE WEDNESDAY, JUNE 22 in order to get the GROUP RATE! The Group Code is: COOKE/CHARLTON WEDDING.

The other hotel giving us a discounted rate is Hampton Inn San Marcos (760-736-9249). The Group Code is CCW (COOKE/CHARLTON WEDDING). $129 per night. YOU MUST CALL BEFORE WEDNESDAY, AUG 11!

Can't wait to see you!


PS: Other hotels in Carlsbad are pending. Both of the hotels above are in San Marcos, CA. That is about 15 min drive to Carlsbad, CA.
PS:PS: Please spread the word about these hotels! I don't have everyones emails... THANKS!"

Anyways... I am still working on the invitations... fun fun! If you haven't done so yet... please give me your mailing address!!!

Another thing I am working on is center pieces! That is super fun!

Well this weekend was awesome! Frank and the Riverdawgs went to Elk Grove, CA and play the Folsom Pioneers Friday and Saturday. They played a double header Friday and split... then Saturday they play one and lost. Then Sunday we were in Carson City, NV and they played a double header against the Nevada Bighorns and they split (lost the first and won the second)! Then Monday they played one more against the Bighorns and they won! Frank pitched a 9-inning SHUTOUT (only allowing 3 hits) this game with a hurt/swollen pointer finger on his throwing hand!!!! I was sooooo proud of him!!!!! He is such a stud!

I was sad because I had to miss his game and come back to work... but someone has to support us haha! JK FRANK! I wish I would have been able to stay and cheer him on! Lucky his awesome team were all there to fill in for me!! So Frank and the team where headed back to Medford, OR (where they left from) when Frank realized his keys were in my truck... so long story short my kind loving parents drove me and Franks car keys to Medford to meet him there! It was so great to see him! ALL and ALL the trip was awesome! and so are the RIVERDAWGS!!!

Today Frank starts his new painting job! He is excited! And he gets to buy painting clothes! haha GOOD LUCK on your first day hunny!! Yes, he still works at Fred Meyers! He is a busy boy!
Well that's all I have for now!!! Hope everyone has a wonderful day!!

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